About Us

Red Squirrels Northern England has a simple mission:

Secure and increase red squirrel range in and beyond the designated Strongholds.
We have recruited and deployed a large team of Rangers and contractors to undertake grey squirrel control in areas important for red squirrels. This team are working alongside private landowners and local red squirrel groups to build the effective control networks needed to prevent further losses of red squirrels through disease transmission and food competition with grey squirrels.

The impact of our work on red squirrels is being carefully assessed through landscape-scale, annual monitoring which has run since 2012.

After our fifth year, we are seeing clear signs of red squirrel range stability across many of the strongholds and beyond and are beginning to understand how populations of both species change year to year.

Our 2015 Annual Report and advocacy document "Saving England's Red Squirrels" can be viewed below. 

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