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For conservation advice and support, please contact:

Heinz Traut RSNE Project Manager Tel. 033 3303 4740 (for Northumberland contact Mike).

Heinz photo 

Heinz completed a Conservation and Forest Ecology (BSc) degree at Bangor University, exchanging a high-flying career in busy London for a more meaningful career in conservation.  Although a qualified forester, red squirrels were waiting for him in the Lake District, where he was employed as RSNE surveyor in 2012; followed by a 2½ year stint in Dumfriesshire with Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels. In 2014 he returned to RSNE as part-time Project Officer and in 2020 has picking up the reins as RSNE Project Manager. 

Mike Denbury Red Squirrel Officer (Northumberland) Tel. 07521 697979     

Mike photo

Following 10-years working for the Environment Agency, Mike swapped the South West for the North East in 2012 and has worked as a Ranger for the National Trust  leading volunteers in practical conservation tasks and undertaking a wide variety of countryside management activities. As a result he is fully accustomed to not only getting his hands dirty but also operating well in the rain! Experienced at writing red squirrel and deer management plans, Mike has delivered monitoring programmes and grey squirrel control. He understands the importance of building and maintaining strong connections with a wide variety of stakeholder groups, especially when delivering projects over a large geographical area.



If you are contacting us with regards to your Friends of the Red Squirrel membership, please contact christine.o' Tel 0191 2846884